Where Sky Meets Surf!

Get ready to unleash the adventurer in you with Iconic Air & Sea Adventure!

Ever dreamed of soaring through the clouds like a bird and then seamlessly gliding onto the water's surface? Now's your chance! Buckle up for a Discovery Ride that combines the majesty of the skies with the exhilaration of the water.

With Iconic Air & Sea Adventure, the sky's not the limit – it's just the beginning!


The Aircraft

The Icon A5 is is a two-seat amphibious aircraft that offers passengers the experience of a lifetime- the magic of flight with a splash of lake fun! Equipped with the IPS (Icon Parachute System) and a spin-resistant airframe, the A5 also puts safety at the forefront. Foldable wings make storing a breeze, and you can even trailer it! The A5 is heated, so you can  enjoy beautiful views and thrilling flights at any temperature!

• $125.00/per person
• 25 nautical mile distance
• Up to 2,000 feet in the air
• 100+ MPH speed
• Touch down on the water
• Wing tip photo op
• Your first logged flight!

The Flight

The flight experience with Iconic Rides offers a unique blend of aerial and aquatic adventure. As passengers board the Icon A5, an amphibious aircraft, they're set for a journey that combines the thrill of flying with the beauty of water landings. The experience is not just about flying; it's an immersive adventure showcasing stunning views, both from the sky and as the aircraft touches the water. Guided by an experienced pilot, this flight provides a different perspective of the landscape, making it an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers.

Come fly with us!


Let the adventure begin!

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